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My Services

Individual Sessions with Horses

If you’re going through a major life transition, feeling stuck, lost or trapped, dealing with relationship conflict, struggling with an addiction, lack of confidence or simply yearning to get back in touch with the joyful and unbridled “you” that once was, equine feedback can help you.

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Customizable Retreats

The ideal team-building retreat to sharpen your group’s leadership and communication skills. Get away from the noise and distractions of the office, learn more about your coworkers by tapping into the intuitive powers of the horses, and start working together to achieve a common vision.

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Current Workshops

Workshops are designed to offer you a safe environment where you can feel free to explore the dips and crevices of your soul, awaken your inner strength, and create a spiritually enriching relationship with yourself that’s built around self-love and trust.

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Posts & Events

Nourish Your Soul Oct 3, 4

Our modern, on-the-go lifestyles leave little breathing room for self-care, connecting back into our dreams and desires, or pressing pause on our mental racetrack. But unlike us, horses rely on their intuition to survive, and are ruled by their feelings

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My Services

Individual Sessions

For all you animal and horse lovers, equine assisted self-discovery is a unique and innovative approach to personal growth and development.  Sessions involve working with a horse on the ground (no riding experience necessary). read more

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  • Jenn introduced my entire team to the horses for our new year’s retreat. I was astounded by her attention to detail. We felt so cared for -- nourishing food and warm blankets, a roaring fire and full thermoses of tea -- and she and Dominique helped us feel safe and grounded as we went on this new, magical adventure together. Her openness and intuitive sense of rolling with what comes and learning from it allowed each of us to have a moving and upredictable personal experience with the horses, and with her gentle and direct guidance, we learned so much about ourselves as a team. I feel closer to everyone as a result of the day. I believe I caught a solid glimpse of everyone’s best self that day – the horses brought that out for us – and I now that I have seen that, I can call upon that knowledge when I work with my team this year. It was an unforgettable experience, and I’m so grateful for Jenn’s insight and the wisdom of these animals.

    Sarah Selecky, Author, Creator of Story is a State of Mind, www.sarahselecky.com

  • I consider Jennifer Schramm to be a gift. She has been instrumental in facilitating profound changes in my life which have impacted me greatly. Through our work together, I have discovered the tools necessary to nourish and heal my emotional and spiritual wellbeing and through her guidance, have adopted a more loving and accepting way to view myself and my life. I have worked with Jenn individually and in group sessions, and most recently participated in an Equine Assisted Healing weekend workshop. I can attest to her compassion, her abilities and the welcoming and safe environment she creates in all arenas. I look forward to continuing my work with Jenn and struggle to find the words to express just how grateful I am to have her in my life. Thank you, Jenn! xox

    Lauren, Wellness & Health Promotion Specialist

  • “The entire office was really enthusiastic about our company workshop. The team building exercises with the horses were particularly fun to do but also revealed interesting insights into how we communicate and interact. Jenn was an incredible facilitator and took the time to really help everyone explore their own experience. We look forward to making this an annual event!”

    Jennifer Anstey, Publisher, Horse Canada

  • I have to tell you all about this! I did a session which is called Equine Therapy with Jennifer and it was one of the most powerful healing sessions I have ever had. I did not know what to expect and was a little nervous in fact when i arrived at the stables north of Toronto. Jennifer introduces you to a stable of horses which are trained to help you communicate with yourself on a higher level. Just being with the horses, and paying attention to their non-verbal cues allowed me to get touch with myself like I had never done before. Jennifer is very skilled coach and knows instinctively how to adapt to the experience you are having. My one-on-one with a handsome horse called Redman provided me with an emotional breakthrough I never imagined I would have. And that is the thing, you don't need to have a problem or issue to do this therapy. You benefit by just being open to what you are supposed to learn from the horses' intuitive powers. They know exactly what to do to help you. It's really incredible. So if you have never experienced this therapy -- the healing power of horses -- gallop don't walk to do a session or a group workshop with Jennifer. You will remember it always. I hope to do it again.

    Diana Bishop, Success Story Program

  • This program is so enlightening, I would urge everyone who wants to learn more about themselves to engage in this horse therapy.

    Ruth McCarroll

  • Writing with horses was therapeutic and enlivening for my mind, heart and work in the most surprising of ways.


  • No other creature connects me to my heart, spirit and the ground beneath my feet like horses do. Jenn and Sarah were gifted in facilitating this transformational workshop. They created safe and inviting space for me to explore some stubborn and difficult emotions.


  • I began this weekend with the intention of learning something new about myself and with the help of Jennifer, my group and of course the horses, this was possible. Issues that I needed to deal with surfaced and I learned interesting new methods through the horses to deal with each feeling or trouble. It was nice to make connections with both people and animals! This weekend is one I will not forget!

    Jessica Rogers

  • I had no idea what to expect coming into this workshop, and was afraid of not feeling anything. The safe and caring environment really helped for me to open up. THe horses, group, and activities, just all aspects - were great! Thank you!

    Jennifer Lopinski, student

  • The workshop was extremely beneficial for my personal and business life. I t was nice working with other like-minded women and showing our vulnerabilities. Jennifer is very compassionate and has a very thoughtful sense for what each participant was dealing with through the sessions. It was very powerful working with the horses and having a deep connection with them.

    Martha Bonano

  • What a wonderful experience. I had no idea that I would finish the day feeling such love for the women I work with. I feel like I will have such a great opportunity to get to know them more.

    Diane Derby, Director of Sales & Marketing, Horse Canada

  • I've learned the hard way that my horse -- all horses -- don't just see the stories you carry inside, they reflect them back to you. Jenn helps you go beneath the surface to draw out what needs to be drawn out, to awaken untapped power, unblock creativity, and bring hidden truths and insights to the surface so you can live your best life. She's incredible!"

    Linda Siversten, Book Mama

  • If you're curious about this workshop do it. It's hard to put into words how there's a magic that happens when you bring your writing self out to connect with the horses. Be prepared to throw your expectations of yourself out the window.

    Cecilia Moorecroft

  • This workshop helped me through the final obstacle that has been holding me back from healing. Jennifer and Victoria provided amazing support and guidance, but it was from this special horse Juliette, that let me release all the negative emotions I had been holding onto and made me feel complete. I will never forget this experience and will hold onto it forever. Thank you.

    Lauren Byers

  • Equine Workshop - Best “Find Yourself” course I’ve taken and I’ve been looking along time and have taken many courses. None have come close to this for helpfulness! Loved the whole experience."

    John Lott, Toronto

  • A weekend to open your spirit and open your heart with the wonderful grace of horses

    Karen, student

  • A truly singular experience for any artist. How often do you get to ask another creature for wisdom and spend time together feeling each other heart to heart and skin to skin?


  • This was a wonderful experience! Spending time with the horses is such a beautiful gift; they have so much to teach and share with us.


  • Equine Workshop - An amazing experience, I am already planning for the next workshop. I learned more than I could have imagined."

    Jen Cook, Toronto

  • An amazing blend of insight, freedom, flow and fun! A great way to learn about yourself and just be yourself!


  • "I first met Jennifer when we were in grade school. We bonded over our common love for horses and competed together in the large pony division. We have remained friends ever since. Rarely in life have I known anyone as kind, compassionate, genuine and as dedicated to their work as Jennifer. She truly has a gift for helping people. Her years of involvement in the horse industry give her an understanding of our sport and the intricacies that accompany it. Her diverse professional training combined with this background make her a rare find for those in our industry seeking to improve their performance by working with the mind. I would recommend Jennifer to anyone seeking to make improvements in any area of their life. She has helped countless people already and will undoubtedly go on to help many more. No matter what aspect of your life you wish to enhance, Jennifer Schramm can help you."

    Ainsley Vince, Equestrian

  • Writing & Horses gave me and my writer-self a safe and nurturing place to reconnect, and while those words sound simple enough, the experience for me was profound beyond language. I felt a horse's heart. I shared a horse's breath. I sobbed (and sobbed) into a horse's shoulder. And I haven't stopped writing since.

    Carrie Klassen

  • Working with Jennifer has been empowering and phenomenal in terms of my relationship with myself. From previously hating myself to being willing to accept myself to prioritizing myself and building a loving relationship with me. Working with Jennifer has entirely transformed my life.

    Cheryl Madliger, Fitness Instructor, Life Coach, Student

  • I believe that the best advisers help us to see not only how to act in special circumstances, but who give us the tools to find out what our own form of right action is for ourselves and our lives. Through Jennifer’s open, caring and non-judgmental nature, she helps you become the best, most authentic version of you.

    Catherine, Social Services

  • I sought out counselling with Jennifer as I was into recovery for a more than twenty year Eating Disorder. Jenn is a gentle listener and has taught me the tools I could use to work on healing myself. She is open, honest and has always made me feel I could share anything. I feel completely safe in her company. Jenn is a deeply compassionate person, non-judgemental in any way and a wise soul. Thank you for giving me myself back and for teaching me that I DO have the wisdom inside of me to heal anything!! You have changed my life.

    D.K. , Mom

  • I am beyond grateful that I crossed paths with Jennifer. She has such a warm, inviting presence and creates such an allowing, peaceful atmosphere for you to be heard without judgement. Her support and encouragement helped me see myself in a more positive light and is something I'll always cherish. She's so down to earth and amazing at what she does and I'd recommend her to anyone.

    Anonymous, Film Student

  • Just when I thought I had others to blame for my unhappiness, Jennifer helped me realize that I needed to break the cycle of being so critical of myself in order to move on with my life and attain my goals. This was extremely empowering for me. She helped me focus on what I wanted to achieve in my career and in my personal life, and as a result I was able to make considerable improvements in both areas. Her coaching has proven to be very valuable and enlightening.

    anonymous, TV Personality

  • Jennifer Schramm is a treasure. Objective and kind, with a great sense of humour, her wealth of spiritual and philosophical knowledge bring joy and enlightenment in a practical sense. Working with Jennifer, I learned so much about myself, so much about life. I feel a sense of peace, and even resolution, as if all the puzzle pieces make perfect sense. Even the ones I wanted to throw out with the trash, or bury deep in hidden places. With Jennifer, one learns to play with the puzzle of life, and see the beauty therein.

    Anonymous, Creative Director

  • The moment I met Jennifer, I realized that our paths had been destined to cross and she would be a positive inspiration on my healing journey. And although I never questioned this, I had no idea that my experience working with her would change my life so positively and so profoundly. I cannot adequately put into words the inspiration, passion and fulfilment that Jennifer has helped me bring back into my life. Through her example of living a complete, inspired life, Jennifer helped me remember what I knew about myself (what we all know about ourselves) but had simply forgotten and re-connect with aspects of my spirit that thought I had lost. Jennifer helped me regain my health, my life, and embrace my spirit. Everyday I am a better version of myself because of her. Jennifer has truly changed my life forever. This I know for sure.

    GG, BA, MSW, Yoga Instructor

  • Equine Workshop - I can hardly even believe that I was lucky enough to have this opportunity. It was everything I expected and so much more. My cup runneth over."

    Pam Griffith, Toronto

  • "I am a late-comer to riding ..... I started in my early 40s. I was excited and scared at the same time - bringing with me 40 years of "life experience" and a real penchant for fear of the unknown. Jennifer helped me find my way to understanding my fear and to making it a positive force, to acknowledging who I am and taking the right steps to overcome such obstacles. I was afraid to show, afraid to be judged by my peers, afraid of letting down my coach, my family, and myself. Jennifer has helped me set goals, get in the show ring, accept who I am, overcome the fear, and win. Give yourself the chance you deserve and help yourself become the rider you want to be - I did thanks to Jennifer's respect, guidance and compassion."

    Kathy, Adult Hunter Rider

  • Working with Jennifer has been a great experience. Our sessions were always eye-opening and life changing for me. She gently guided me to open my mind beyond its usual limits, to be able to see and believe that anything is possible and that I could make it happen. Even starting with the smallest of steps. Every step counts and I am moving forward in a positive direction thanks to her encouragement and support!

    H.B, Personal Trainer

  • Jenn and Sarah have created a heart based partnership to facilitate deep writing and profound personal growth and learning. They provided us with a safe, nurturing environment to explore our creative selves and better understand the elements within which hold us back. Their attention to detail, warmth and generosity of spirit made this an exceptional experience. The writing exercises were both practical and profound. The work with the horses was enlightening - I am only beginning to digest all the horses taught me! I felt a shift in my relationship to my writing and to my being. I left the weekend feeling grateful, more compassionate toward my writing self and more connected as a human being. Jenn and Sarah have created a very special workshop - I felt privileged to be apart of it.

    Pamela Johnson

  • I can’t thank Jennifer enough for her effect on my life. It’s not that I won’t ever get discouraged, or hurt, or feel frustrated with myself, but now I have a tool kit to help me understand my feelings and try to find ways to turn them around. Her support, understanding, and positivity are amazing, and I’m so thankful to have been coached by such a generous spirit.

    Anonymous, Costumer, Film Industry

  • I had never given life coaching much thought before. I thought that it was almost a sign of weakness if I needed to ask for help. After going through the process and forcing myself to be open about letting someone else into my life, I felt like a great deal of stress had been lifted from my life. The act of sharing my problems with someone trained to help me with them, helped me to give them less importance in my life, which made me feel more relaxed.

    Anonymous, Public Relations

  • Jennifer's wellness groups helped me to see myself more positively. She has a way of making me see my 'flaws' in a different, better way. Now, I can appreciate more the good sides of my body and personality. Her smile, her kindness and her good advices always leave me thoughtful and happier after each group session. She is so passionate about helping others and understanding us that it's hard to not like her! :-)

    JL, Illustrator

  • Having an eating disorder is like living in a world of darkness, destruction, pain and hopelessness. Jennifer Schramm brings light to this damaged world, illuminating the way to hope and recovery. She simply doesn't allow one to remain huddled in the corner in pain, but takes you by the hand with practical advice, unique insights and uplifting messages, and helps you find a whole, healed life, one that is infused with joy and meaning.

    Lisa, Author

  • Jennifer, you have opened new worlds to me. I was suffering from depression and you have made a huge impact in my ability to face this head on. You have been encouraging and helped me see that there is more to life then the life I have been living. I believe that you have helped me on so many levels. I find myself able to meet the world head on, with a new job at work and with a new attitude towards this life. I know that this would not have been possible without your help, encouragement and support.

    GF, Vancouver Art Gallery

  • Jennifer is an ANGEL! She is kind, loving and generous. She never judges and always offers parallels from her life that put me at ease and make me feel that I am not alone in my thoughts, feelings and actions. Jennifer has helped me more than words can express. Quite simply she is the BEST life coach around!

    Diane, Financial Services

  • Jennifer has such an open, inviting presence. She instantly made me feel comfortable in our sessions and has a way of making me feel really heard and understood to the point where I have complete clarity when I finish talking with her.

    RO, RBC

  • The thoughtfulness that was put into the retreat environment - from the soft lighting to the sofa's in the stalls, warm blankets and vegan gourmet meals, insights both gentle and poignant from both human and horse. Each day providing an opening to let the light in and make the ink flow.

    Marnelle Tokio

  • Found a new love for horses and myself with a better connection to my mental, emotional, physical and spiritual health.

    Jessica Watters

  • I have always had respect for horses. And acknowledged their intelligence but I gained even more after this experience.


  • One of the best experiences of my life. Very insightful and inspirational.

    Magdalena Popescu

  • Wholeness, healing and heart.


  • I tapped depths inside of me that were blocked. I always thought I wouldn't be able to tap into my spiritual self. Through the horses I have found my spark and now can build on it.

    Lynda Benn

  • A heart opening experience that will stay with me for weeks to come - I had the opportunity to let go of false beliefs and embrace a new way of being.

    Masha Ostrovsky

  • I recommend this workshop to anyone who is running a heart-centred business designing a life around possibility and kindness, and wondering how to make all the pieces fit together. You will be surprised by what you discover with Jenn & Jonathan

    Sarah Selecky

  • This workshop was unlike anything I've ever done before. It was the perfect blending of reflection and self-discovery that I needed at this point in my life and my business

    Victoria Sambleson