My lifelong love and passion for horses, coupled with my devotion to personal discovery and my formal education in counselling and coaching, is what led me to the field of Equine Assisted Learning and inspired me to create the Unbridled Experience.

My mission is simple: Be You . Be True . Be Free .



Why Do I Do This?

  • I’ve felt raw, naked self-awareness looking back at me through the eyes of a horse more times than I can count.

  • I’ve seen transformations unfold in round pens and hearts.

  • I’ve watched a horse become the unwavering guide on someone’s path to healing.

  • And I’ve witnessed relationships tremble, shake off negative energy, and flicker anew...all because of the emotions a horse stirred.


At one point in my life, when I was anxious, depressed, binge drinking and collapsing under an eating disorder, I found Classy.

She was an off-track thoroughbred who offered me a healthy distraction, and a connection so pure and free of judgment, she was the only part of my day I looked forward to.

She was like home to me...familiar, comforting, heart-warming. Even in the emptiest of moments, when I felt most alone, she was what gave me hope and inspired me to heal myself from the inside-out.

When I needed a reminder to focus on my own happiness instead of trying to please everyone else, there was Paris.

I met the sassy, four-legged diva at a weekend workshop I attended before getting certified in equine therapy. When I went into the round pen with her, she wanted nothing to do with me. Whenever I inched closer, she rejected my advances by putting more distance between us. And the longer she shut me out, the more anxiety brewed in my belly.

Standing in front of six other people, and being the only one with a speck of horse experience, red-hot shame surfaced on my cheeks. Why couldn’t I connect with her? To my surprise, I felt the tingles of wisdom spread across my skin, and my approval-seeking ways suddenly surfaced...

I’d always wanted everyone to like me. Even a ripple of conflict in my orbit triggered self-doubt. But what I realized that day through my interaction with Paris was that I couldn’t please everyone. If someone didn’t connect with me, it wasn’t personal. There was nothing wrong with me.

And because working with horses has opened up my life in ways I never could have imagined, I know how much others can benefit from this interspecies connection, and how profound and life-changing these experiences can be.


I’ve pretended to be something I’m not to make a good impression or satisfy someone else.

I’ve silenced myself and slumped in the shadows, instead of unleashing my voice and stepping into the light of my power.

I’ve self-destructed and felt my inner and outer world crumbling all around me.


And through it all, I’ve come to realize that each one of us has a need...a desire...to feel loved, accepted, and connected to the world around us. Something that we finally grasp at when we reveal our truth through the eyes of a horse.

You can experience it for yourself...

Find out more about how equine-guided self-discovery can help you remember your true nature, awaken your senses, connect with your body, acknowledge and express the "stuff" that keeps you stuck, unravel the limitations of your mind and own your deepest desires >>

For years I tried my best to push away and fix the parts of me that didn’t fit with who I thought I should be. All so I could finally just love myself. I read countless books, enrolled in workshops, listened to speakers. I was on an endless journey to feeling complete. Yet, I always seemed to end up in the same place, stuck in the same patterns, watching the same story play out. Then I met Jennifer.

It sounds cliche but Jenn has changed my life and for the past year, she has been my safe place to land. Her acceptance, empathy and compassion create a space for me to unashamedly and passionately acknowledge, feel and accept myself for everything I am.

Jenn honours my feelings and experiences in a way that I have never encountered before. She has guided me to choose self-compassion over judgement and has been by my side as I develop a whole new relationship with myself and my self-defeating behaviours. My sessions with Jenn have allowed me to give meaning to my struggles and experiences.

When I made the choice to begin seeing Jenn, I also (unknowingly) began the journey of discovering and accepting myself. I consider myself lucky to have Jenn as a trusted mentor and coach.
— Emily Burns, Teacher