Hi I'm Jenn AND I've been coaching people and facilitating personal discovery workshops for over 10 years with and without horses.  I help people from all walks of life (most commonly people who aim to live passionately and purposefully and want to make a difference in the world) make peace with themselves so that they can overcome their personal barriers, step into their self-confidence and bring their unique talents into the world.  

You can usually find me communing in a field with a herd of horses, shoveling manure, wandering in the woods with my dog, Bennie, reading books on self-realization, hanging with great friends, eating at yummy, organic, local restaurants and traveling to cool places I’ve never been.

Why I do this work?

In my late teens and early 20s I tried to perfect my body which led to an eating disorder because I thought being skinny would make me feel good enough.

In my 20s I tried to find the perfect relationship which led to rejection and heartbreak because I thought having a husband would make me feel good enough.

In my 30s I tried to become super successful in work which led to depression and apathy because I thought being successful and earning lots of money would make me feel good enough.

Whether or not I had a success or a failure ... I never felt good enough and was always looking at how I didn’t measure up (in career, in relationship, in body, in material possessions)

The more my life revolved around chasing a mirage outside of myself, comparing myself to others, numbing myself out, silencing my voice, keeping myself small, trying to make myself look good ... the more I self-destructed.  Constantly chasing outer perfection & success, my inner self was left bankrupt.  There was no space for me to be me. 

What I was lacking was a healthy relationship with myself, a soft place to land to discover my truths and a deep self-acceptance.  Chasing and striving for these outer things always left me feeling down in the dumps and in a rut.  It clearly did not work. This was an inside job.  It was the kindness, acceptance and care I showed myself and the joy I cultivated that ultimately gave me what I was so desperately searching for ... purpose . passion . connection . acknowledgment . acceptance . love .

In my 20s, I developed a healthy body image and relationship with food.  I also attracted stable loving relationships with others.  Once I gave up the chase for career and financial success in my 30s and started focusing on my self-care, my business began to flourish and money started to flow to me.  Work became more fun and I started doing things that made my soul feel alive.  Opportunities that left me smiling began to appear and I relaxed into life. 

By letting go of attachment to the past (I should have dated that guy, I should have taken that at university, I should have taken that job), dreams for future perfection (the white picket fence life, my life should look like this, husband, kids, money) and by developing a friendship with my body, brain and spirit, I rewired myself to live life for me (which I continue to do) and began feeding myself with the care and attention I so desperately craved (which I also continue to do).

SO how can I help you?

I offer a fun and safe place to help you discover the deepest facets of your being.  I offer one-on-one coaching sessions via the phone or by skype, the equine breakthrough intensive and workshops

I coach from my own personal experience, my professional training and my on-going dedication to my own personal growth and spirituality.  I offer tools, resources and a supportive and accepting environment for you to uncover and experience your own personal growth . 

For a 10 minute complimentary phone session, please email me at jennifer@jenniferschramm.com and we can determine whether working together is a fit and if so, we will come up with an individual program that meets your needs.








registered professional counsellor (canadian professional counselling association)