Hi! I’m Jenn,

A Registered Counsellor, Life Coach and Certified Facilitated Equine Experiential Learning Practitioner.

My Mission:

To create a place where you can go to explore your inner world and create a better understanding of yourself to awaken and empower you so that you can live a more fulfilling, rewarding and successful life.  

Why I do this Work?

In my late teens and early 20s I tried to perfect my body which led to an eating disorder because I thought being skinny would make me feel good enough.

In my 20s I tried to find the perfect relationship which led to rejection and heartbreak because I thought having a husband would make me feel good enough.

In my 30s I tried to become super successful in work which led to depression and apathy because I thought being successful and earning lots of money would finally make me feel good enough.  

Whether or not I had a success or a failure ... I never felt good enough and was always looking at how I didn’t measure up (in career, in relationship, in body, in material possessions)

The more my life revolved around chasing a mirage outside of myself, comparing myself to others, numbing myself out, silencing my voice, keeping myself small, trying to make myself look good ... the more I self-destructed.  Constantly chasing outer perfection & success, my inner self was left bankrupt.  There was no space for me to be me.

What I was lacking was a healthy relationship with myself, a soft place to land to discover my truths and a deep self-acceptance.  Chasing and striving for these outer things always left me feeling down in the dumps and in a rut.  It clearly did not work. This was an inside job.  It was the kindness, acceptance and care I showed myself and the joy I cultivated that ultimately gave me what I was so desperately searching for ... purpose . passion . connection . recognition . acceptance . love .

In my 20s, I developed a healthy body image and relationship with food.  I also attracted stable loving relationships with men.  I gave up the chase for career and financial success in my 30s and started focusing on my self-care and passions.  Work became more fun and I started doing things that made my soul feel alive (I discovered equine therapy and married my love of horses and self-discovery).  And opportunities that left me smiling and feeling energized began to appear. 

By letting go of attachment to the past (I shouldn't have dumped that guy, I should have pursued a different career, I should have taken that job, I should have ..... ), dreams for future perfection (the white picket fence life, my life should look like this ...... ) and by developing a friendship with my body, brain and spirit, I rewired myself to live life for me and began feeding myself with the care and attention I so desperately craved.


I offer a fun, non-judgmental and safe place to help you discover YOU. Programs offer knowledge, practical tools, perspectives, and coaching that help you create more awareness around your patterns and blindspots and help you access untapped potential to live a more fulfilling and rich life.

I offer one-on-one coaching packages via video chat or in person and group programs. I also work with horses and offer Silent Retreats, the breakthrough intensive and weekend women’s workshops.

I coach from my own personal experience, my professional training and my on-going dedication to my own personal growth and spirituality. 

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