Hi! I’m Jenn.

A Registered Counsellor, Life Coach and Certified FEEL (Facilitated Equine Experiential Learning) Practitioner.

What DO I DO?

I help people achieve the transformative freedom of being the most truthful version of themselves.


Anyone who wants to feel alive in their own skin, free of self-sabotage, and shamelessly real—and who values the same in others.


In my late teens and early 20s, I tried to perfect my body, which led to an eating disorder—because I thought being skinny would make me feel good enough.

In my 20s, I put everything into finding the perfect relationship, which led to rejection and heartbreak—because I thought having a husband would make me feel good enough.

In my 30s, I strived to become someone or something in my career, which led to depression and apathy—because I thought being super successful in work would finally make me feel good enough.

Each time I healed in one aspect, I began chasing a new mirage outside of myself, comparing myself to others in a new way, silencing my inner voice.

I moved through and beyond these experiences by slowly rediscovering the beauty and wisdom that already lived in my mind, body and spirit and by rewiring myself to live life and love life as no one else but me. This journey led me to become a registered counsellor, life coach, and FEEL (facilitated equine experiential learning) practitioner dedicated to helping others discover and live who they truly are.

Now with over thirteen years experience, my work is my passion and my worldview. Together, through a deeply supportive relationship, we will create liberating opportunities for you to let go of false standards and live from within. I offer many paths for this work, from gently progressive coaching and counselling to more immersive and intensive silent retreats, group courses and equine experiences.

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