Let the horses take you on a magical 2-day Journey of Self-Discovery



reveal your truth

Physically.  Mentally.  Emotionally.  Spiritually.


2 day journey

DAY 1: 10am - 4PM

DAY 2: 10am - 4PM

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connect deeply to yourself

We currently live in a society that breeds perfectionism, competition and an insatiable need to prove our worth. In our quest to keep up, “fix” ourselves and feel good enough many of us are left feeling defeated, exhausted, stuck, inadequate and uninspired.  This leaves little or no room for our real truth to emerge.

And because we’re all standing in a whirlwind of to-dos, should’s and expectations, this makes it easy for us to become cubbyholes for fear, insecurity and self-doubt as we are stuck in our limited conditioning.

Unlike us, horses do not rely on “thinking” to solve their problems but rather trust their body’s natural wisdom and instinct to survive.  Horses help us by providing transparent, immediate and non-judgmental feedback through mirroring our mental, emotional and physical relationship with ourselves and the energetic messages we give out.

By reflecting these stories back to us and helping us reconnect to the innate wisdom of our bodies, horses bring to light the inherent wisdom and self-knowledge that hibernates within all of us, and teach us how to let go of the past, break down barriers, and rightfully claim our inherent power.

The Breakthrough Overnight Intensive has been designed to offer you a safe environment where you can feel free to explore the dips and crevices of your being, uncover and release that which is no longer serving you, awaken your inner strength, hear what really matters and create a spiritually enriching relationship with yourself that’s built around self-love and trust.


You Will:

  • Tune into your body’s non-verbal messages, so you can communicate your truest desires and intentions through subtle energetic cues.

  • Free your mind, ignite sparks of strength, and learn how to show up authentically in your everyday life.

  • Be more aware of your hidden, unexpressed emotions, so you can give them the attention they need

  • Unravel life patterns that are disempowering that are getting in the way of your happiness and momentum.

  • Connect with your core essence.  Peel back the protective layers, and make peace with your inner truth

  • Tap into your intuition and deep-rooted wisdom, so you can aspire to reach new levels of confidence and success in your life.



You will be working with the horses on the ground.



Sherwood Farm Retreat Centre

12485 7th Concession Road, King, Ontario

Sherwood farms is nestled in the rolling hills of King, Ontario, you will enjoy beautiful views and be surrounded by natural  beauty.  You will be staying overnight on the property in the beautiful Georgian-Style home created in !962.   Enjoy the picturesque grounds, beautiful gardens, peace and calm of the country and of course the horses.



Investment: $995.00 + HST






CONTACT: Jennifer Schramm 416-277-4950 or



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via phone: 416-277-4950

Only 6 spots per session available.


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Wholeness, healing and heart.
— Kai

I remember telling friends about the workshop afterwards and many wanted to know if I felt it was worth it or did I feel that something changed from taking it. Basically similar to the corporate clients we have with the companies I coach for - they all want to know the ROI. It can be a tough thing to quantitate. So here I am 6 months later feeling better than I ever have before and living a life I love. What better ROI than that!
— Kim Sneath, Singer