My private personal coaching services (in-person, via phone or video-call) – will guide you to a place of meaning, purpose, direction and joy in your life, work and relationships. The things that are so hard right now will become easier. Layers will fall away. You’ll feel peaceful again. Steady. Confident. Loving. Free. Happy.

I believe that the best advisers help us to see not only how to act in special circumstances, but who give us the tools to find out what our own form of right action is for ourselves and our lives. Through Jennifer’s open, caring and non-judgmental nature, she helps you become the best, most authentic version of you.
— Catherine, Social Worker

Does this sound like you?

You feel lost to yourself, and you don’t how to reconnect

You wish someone else could just do it for you for a while

You don’t know what you dream for yourself anymore (or you do, and it all feels impossible)

You’ve read all the self-help books (on money or business or love or sex or diet or addiction or grief…), and get inspired but the feeling of unstuckness is always temporary

You're tired, frustrated and drained, and you worry you may never feel really alive again

You wonder why so-and-so has attracted everything you want but you haven't even come close

You feel so lonely with your problems, and people around you have no idea

You dream of the day Prince Charming comes along and sweeps you away .....


What I know from my own life and work is that what we see on the surface (not enough money, lack of confidence, an unsuccessful business, workaholism, stunted creativity, relationship problems, getting off those last 10 pounds) is not the real root of the issue. It’s only the story we tell ourselves about what’s going on, only the symptom of what lies deeper.

My work is to help you release deeply held beliefs (all that exhausting mental chatter!), unresolved emotions and energetic blocks that keep you from knowing your true nature – so that you can relax into yourself and into your life with joy.

When we are connected to our true nature we naturally invite creativity, unshakeable self-confidence and ease into our lives.  

Jenn takes you by the hand with practical advice, unique insights and uplifting messages and helps you find a whole, healed life, one that is infused with joy and meaning.
— Lisa D., Author


These sessions can help you:

·      Connect with your core essence, understand your purpose, and make peace with yourself

·      Understand and unravel disempowering life patterns, and create something new and beautiful in their place

·      Free your mind from mental clutter and learn grounding and centering techniques to preserve your peace in triggering situations

·      Gain self-understanding and acceptance

·      Provide great care to yourself in a difficult time

“Just being with the horses, and paying attention to their non-verbal cues allowed me to get touch with myself like I had never done before. Jennifer is very skilled coach and knows instinctively how to adapt to the experience you are having.”
— Diana Bishop | Success Story Program


          Pre-work questionnaire: To ensure your needs and goals are met, so you get the most out of your sessions.

          Confidence-building, communication and self-discovery exercises: Release the fears and life-limiting patterns that are standing in the way of your happiness, use self-awareness as a positive force for creating change in your world, and experience the kind of soul-deep connection you’ve been craving. Sessions run for 1 hour, and can be booked individually or as a 4 session package

          A safe and supportive environment to burrow to the root of your self-limiting stories, so you can make peace with yourself, unbridle your confidence and gallop towards ease and flow.

Coaching sessions are conducted with clients worldwide by phone or video-call.

If you're in the Greater Toronto Area, you are welcome to come to my office for your session in King City.  

You can also choose to do a personal coaching session with the horses in King City. 


      For more information or to book an appointment, please call 416-277-4950 or email jennifer@jenniferschramm.com