One-on-One Self-Discovery


If you’re going through a major life or career transition, feeling stuck, lost or trapped, tired of feeling not good enough or worthy enough, dealing with relationship conflict, struggling with an addiction, lack of confidence or simply yearning to get in touch with the joyful and unbridled “you”, I can help you.

What I know from my own life and work is that what we see on the surface (not enough money, lack of confidence, people-pleasing, an unsuccessful business, workaholism, stunted creativity, relationship problems, getting off those last 10 pounds) is not the real root of the issue. It’s only the story we tell ourselves about what’s going on, only the symptom of what lies deeper.

My work is to help you release deeply held beliefs (all that exhausting mental chatter!), process unresolved emotions and energetic blocks that keep you from knowing your truth – so that you can relax into yourself and your life.

When we are connected to our truth, we naturally invite creativity, unshakeable self-confidence and ease into our lives.  



You feel lost to yourself, and you don’t how to reconnect

You find yourself in a mental loop, constantly wishing things were different and you just can't accept your reality

You're tired of doing everything for everyone else and not giving to yourself

You wish someone else could just do it for you

You don’t know what you dream for yourself anymore (or you do, and it all feels impossible)

You’ve read all the self-help books (on money or business or love or sex or diet or addiction or grief…), and get inspired but the feeling of unstuckness is always temporary

You feel pissed, stuck, drained, frustrated with a situation and can't break free

You wonder why so-and-so has attracted everything you want but you haven't even come close

You dream of the day someone comes along and sweeps you away .....

For years I tried my best to push away and fix the parts of me that didn’t fit with who I thought I should be. All so I could finally just love myself. I read countless books, enrolled in workshops, listened to speakers. I was on an endless journey to feeling complete. Yet, I always seemed to end up in the same place, stuck in the same patterns, watching the same story play out. Then I met Jennifer.

It sounds cliche but Jenn has changed my life and for the past year, she has been my safe place to land. Her acceptance, empathy and compassion create a space for me to unashamedly and passionately acknowledge, feel and accept myself for everything I am.

Jenn honours my feelings and experiences in a way that I have never encountered before. She has guided me to choose self-compassion over judgement and has been by my side as I develop a whole new relationship with myself and my self-defeating behaviours. My sessions with Jenn have allowed me to give meaning to my struggles and experiences.

When I made the choice to begin seeing Jenn, I also (unknowingly) began the journey of discovering and accepting myself. I consider myself lucky to have Jenn as a trusted mentor and coach.
— Emily Burns
I believe that the best advisers help us to see not only how to act in special circumstances, but who give us the tools to find out what our own form of right action is for ourselves and our lives. Through Jennifer’s open, caring and non-judgmental nature, she helps you become the best, most authentic version of you.
— Catherine, Social Worker


These sessions can help you:

  • Connect with your core essence, understand your purpose, and make peace with yourself

  • Understand and unravel disempowering life patterns, and create something new and beautiful in their place

  • Free your mind from mental clutter and learn grounding and centering techniques to preserve your peace in triggering situations

  • Gain self-understanding and acceptance

  • Provide great care to yourself in a difficult time


You will have a safe and supportive environment that will allow you the space to burrow to the root of your self-limiting stories and limitations of your mind and allows you to hear beyond emotional wounds so you can make peace with yourself, unbridle your truth and move towards ease and flow.

Self-awareness is used as a positive force for creating change in your world becoming more connected to your body, mind and spirit.  Release the fears and life-limiting patterns that are standing in the way of your happiness.  Experience soul-deep connection.

From the first time we met, I was impressed with Jennifer’s caring, empathetic approach and her ability to listen without judgement. She is able to challenge me in a gentle and caring manner, guiding me on a journey to love myself in a way that I did not think possible.

Jennifer is completely dedicated to the cause of unearthing issues that are the cause of my emotional pain and discomfort, and that are contributing factors to an overwhelming sense of feeling ‘stuck’.

Through her constant thoughtfulness and attention to detail, I feel safe and assured at all times, helping me through each lesson and journey.

If we are here in this lifetime to experience the evolution of self and soul, Jennifer has graciously challenged me to rise to that potential. My experiences with Jennifer as my coach has been an honour and a gift.
— Stephanie Macleod
I consider Jennifer Schramm to be a gift. She has been instrumental in facilitating profound changes in my life which have impacted me greatly. Through our work together, I have discovered the tools necessary to nourish and heal my emotional and spiritual wellbeing and through her guidance, have adopted a more loving and accepting way to view myself and my life. I have worked with Jenn individually, in group sessions, with and without horses. I can attest to her compassion, her abilities and the welcoming and safe environment she creates in all arenas. I look forward to continuing my work with Jenn and struggle to find the words to express just how grateful I am to have her in my life.
— Lauren Brown, Wellness & Health Promotion Specialist


I will send you an All About You Questionnaire for you to complete before our first session so that we can hit the ground running

We will meet in person or by zoom video for an hour session either weekly or biweekly for at least a 3 month period.

In between sessions, you will have time to integrate and practice the awarenesses you gain in each session.  

At the end of the 3 month period, we’ll evaluate what you've learned and how you’ve transformed. Maybe you'd like to continue doing more sessions or you'll have gotten exactly what you need.  


Intensive Coaching/Counselling Program: $2000 + HST (12 1-hour sessions in a 4 month period and support in between)

Personal Discovery with horses:                $ 750 + HST  (4 1 hour sessions with horses & Jenn to be used in a 6 week period)

***Special pricing available for children under 16.

**Please enquire about other services that will suit your unique needs

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