In today’s ever-evolving business landscape, self-awareness, honest communication and confident leadership is the only way to build a cohesive organization that’ll grow, succeed and sustain itself.

While it’s easy to think your organization’s communication is working given all the words that pass through your boardrooms and offices on a daily basis, often we don’t realize how many energetic messages we’re transmitting daily through our interactions and non-verbal cues.

The inconsistencies between what we’re saying and what our body language is telling others can lead to a disconnect or breakdown in communication, which prevents organizations from reaching their full potential.

Even more importantly, when we’re constantly chasing perfection and success, our inner sense of fulfillment can be left bankrupt. This is why creating space for individuals to be themselves is such an essential part of equine-guided learning.

“Jenn introduced my entire team to the horses for our new year’s retreat.  Jenn’s openness allowed each of us to have a moving and unpredictable personal experience with the horses, and with her gentle and direct guidance, we learned so much about ourselves as a team. I caught a solid glimpse of everyone’s best self that day, and the horses brought that out for us.”          
— Sarah Selecky, Story is A State Of Mind School

Company offerings Include:

  • Can be conducted with individual employees or teams

  • Self-awareness, team-building, communication and leadership exercises: Building every team member’s leadership and communication skills is vital to discovering each individual’s “sweet spot” (where they can contribute the most to the company), but this can only happen when we create a team environment where everyone feels confident, safe, and free to express their thoughts.

  • Interactive activities with horses on the ground: All retreats are experiential (learning by doing) and offer a unique, safe and playful learning environment to support your team’s personal growth and skill-building.

  • Pre-work consultation: To ensure the needs and objectives of your team or company are met, so you get the most out of your equine-assisted sessions.

“The entire office was really enthusiastic about our company workshop. The team building exercises with the horses were particularly fun to do but also revealed interesting insights into how we communicate and interact. Jenn was an incredible facilitator and took the time to really help everyone explore their own experience. We look forward to making this an annual event!”
— Jennifer Anstey, Horse-Canada

Take a new approach to team-building by getting away from the noise and distractions of the office, learn more about your coworkers by tapping into the intuitive powers of the horses, and start working together to achieve a common vision.

All packages are customized. Please email to build a retreat that fits your needs and budget.

NO horse or riding experience is necessary. All exercises are done on the ground, and the lessons learned from the horses are transferable, so they can be immediately integrated into your daily life.

The facilities include a cozy indoor meeting room, beautiful rolling hills and endless amounts of trees. Sessions are held rain or shine.

For more information or to book a company retreat, please call 416-277-4950 or email