Horses are the mirror of the human soul.

They don’t just see the stories you carry inside.

They reflect them back to you.

What Are You Saying, Without Words?

Even though humans speak thousands of words every day, many of us fail to realize how much we communicate with non-verbal cues. Unlike us, horses are prey animals, so they rely on their feelings, body language and intuition to survive. This makes it possible for them to pick up on our slightest gestures, physiological responses (muscle tension and heart rate), conscious and subconscious energy states.

“Horses do not see us as our collective stories but simply as we are, standing in front of them. The horse brings its uncanny ability to peel our egos back, to strip the layers away like an onion, until we find ourselves awkwardly naked and vulnerable. But the horse also shows us the joy that comes from living with the bare truth of ourselves.  What a gift that is.” ~ Zen Horse, Zen Mind

What Equine Insights Tell Us

Since horses are so attuned to our energetic messages, they can provide us with transparent, immediate, and non-judgmental feedback on how we’re relating to ourselves and our environment. And by bringing these hidden truths to the surface, horses can teach us practical lessons on self-awareness, trust, honest communication, play, healthy boundaries, leadership, patience, assertiveness, affection, nurturance and more.