Growth and Transformation through the Way of the Horse

Jennifer Schramm of King City, Ontario Published as Contributing Author

New Book Recognizes the Healing Power of Horses:

TORONTO, ON  -- “Healing with Horses” is an inspiring new collection of true stories about the extraordinary connection between horses and humans. Readers will step into and delight in the healing world of horses through the heart-warming personal accounts found in this enriching book published by Big Country Publishing, an international multi-media publisher. Healing with Horses is available in book and eBook formats at: Amazon.com, Amazon.ca, Barnes and Noble and ITunes.

Jennifer Schramm of King City, Ontario is one of ten Canadian authors who expanded on their experiences and viewpoints explaining how horse interactions can be immensely therapeutic physically, emotionally, mentally and spiritually.  The book reveals how horse healing touches the deepest part of the human heart and soul, reawakening our belief in magic, dreams and possibilities.

Stories featured in Healing with Horses explain how our horse companions act as mirrors for our feelings, reflecting our feelings back to us.  In doing so, they help us find the way to fulfilling lives – speaking our own personal truth, developing confidence, finding connection and meaning, and opening the doorway to deeper creativity.

The authors share their stories to inspire the reader to explore their own ‘calling of the heart’ for freedom and connection.  Beautifully told and profoundly moving, these stories of self-discovery through the way of the horse show the reader the way to authenticity and heart led lives.