Horses, Food & Body Image:  A 5-week program with the horses

Our modern, on-the-go lifestyles leave little breathing room for self-care, connecting back into our dreams and desires, or pressing pause on our mental racetrack.

But unlike us, horses rely on their intuition to survive, and are ruled by their feelings instead of rational thoughts.

Because of this, working with horses teaches us how to stand still, peel back the layers and sink into our truth, so we can pull peace into our bodies and discover the deepest desires of our soul.



  • Tap into your intuition and deep-rooted wisdom, so you can aspire to reach new levels of confidence and success in your life.

  • Unravel disempowering life patterns and block out the soul-crushing fears that are getting in the way of your happiness and momentum.

  • Tune into your body’s non-verbal messages, so you can communicate your truest desires and intentions through subtle energetic cues.

  • Free your mind, ignite sparks of strength, and learn how to show up as a respected leader in your everyday life.

  • Connect with your core essence, peel back the protective layers, and make peace with your inner truth.

“I remember telling friends about the workshop afterwards and many wanted to know if I felt it was worth it or did I feel that something changed from taking it. Basically similar to the corporate clients we have with the companies I coach for - they all want to know the ROI. It can be a tough thing to quantitate. So here I am 6 months later feeling better than I ever have before and living a life I love. What better ROI than that!

— Kim Sneath, Singer







  • Snacks and vegetarian lunch will be provided.
  • No horse experience is necessary.
  • Once participants have registered, we can determine if there are carpooling opportunities to help everyone get to and from the workshop.

NO horse or riding experience is necessary for these workshops. All exercises are done on the ground, and the lessons learned from the horses are transferable, so they can be immediately integrated into your daily life.

The facilities include an indoor meeting area where the session begins.  The work with the horses is then conducted outside in nature. Sessions are held rain or shine.