There are so many things you want to do and often other commitments and distractions call for your attention. And you unwillingly get frustrated and raise your voice in annoyance.

You don't mean to take it out on the kids, but it happens. Who knew parenting could be so hard! You know you 'should' respond calmly and yet it's easier said than done.

You just want your kids to be happy and healthy— you didn't realize it would be so exhausting and such a journey of self-exploration!

We created Horses + Mom's to give you permission to take space, to breathe, to self-discover, to create connections with other women and ultimately nurture yourself. 



It is a two-day-workshop using Equine Therapy and Gray Mothering as a framework to support Mom’s at all stages, (including those wanting to be Mom's but experiencing fertility struggles, those who's children have left the nest and anyone in between (even dog or horse moms))

Participants will be led through a series of highly reflective exercises using horses and group discussions as a conduit to help us learn about ourselves and ultimately to have more compassion and acceptance about ourselves on how we react in times of stress.

The workshop will be co-facilitated by Lynne Newman, (registered Occupational Therapist, doula and Reiki practitioner), and Jennifer Schramm, (Equine Therapist and Life Coach). You will be given time to reflect in nature among horses, (they are so gentle!), and share and hear stories with like-minded women. You will eat delicious food.

Horses + Mom's is a safe enclosure to help Mom's who want to be more present and are also craving more time and energy for themselves.


Very much like children, horses are profoundly intuitive. They can sense our energy and even provide mirrors for our emotional states. In short, horses can measure our states-of-being and levels of presence with them and provide immediate feedback. The feedback can bring awareness to thoughts, feelings and patterns which in turn fosters the ability to choose our responses to challenging situations rather than being ruled by them.

Today, Equine Therapy is being used widely to help address mental health and well-being, communication and leadership, self-awareness and emotional regulation, to coping with grief and dealing with physical disabilities. Studies are showing positives outcomes in areas of social development as well as therapeutic, motivational and educational benefits, and enhanced quality of life. There is a significant amount of anecdotal evidence in support of the burgeoning studies on the topic.

Horses are mirrors to the soul (like our children) and cut through any internal noise, straight to your personal resistances and blocks. Scary I know! But being vulnerable is the way through. This experience is so unique and one that you must experience to understand!


We totally understand. They are big animals and if you've had a negative experience in the past, of course you would be nervous.

There is NO riding of the horses. We will go over horse behaviour and safety at the start of the weekend and you will get a chance to meet the horses in their stalls. Afterwards, you will participate in a couple of exercises in the pen and you will be as far away or as close as you want— while respecting your comfort and the horses.

It is safe for pregnant women. 

Listen, we get that being vulnerable isn’t always the most comfortable but we want you to know that Horses + Mom's is a safe place to shed some light on the circumstances that have been weighing you down so that you can have a safe space to share where you are not alone. No judgement and it’s totally ok to cry.


  • Give so much of your energy to your children and others
  • Crave more time for yourself
  • Want to be more present and compassionate with yourself
  • Feel life isn't going as planned
  • Are looking for deeper, more authentic conversations where you can be yourself and acknowledge your true feelings

This two day retreat is a great opportunity for genuine, real and whole-hearted connection. You will have some time to reflect in nature among horses as well as hear stories from other like-minded women.


The moment I heard about this retreat I wanted to do it— and sure enough, it was a soulful day! Jenn & Lynne, being outside & connecting with nature, the amazing vegan lunch, experiencing it with one of my closest peeps, and of course— top highlight—receiving some love & nuzzles from Distant Star.
— Mama of two


  • Pre-retreat discovery form to help you outline your current challenges and intentions, before we even get started
  • 2 full days—where we will explore motherhood and life via reflective exercises, discussion & horse work
  • Delicious snacks and meals served for you— catered to special dietary needs
  • One night shared accomodation on-site
  • In King City, approximately 40 minutes north of the heart of Toronto (you will get all the details when you sign up)
  • Pregnant women and moms of older children are all welcome. This really has to do with the pull to dig a bit deeper and be in circle with others. Will you answer the call?


DATES:          September 29, 30, 2018

Cost:           $ 695.00 + HST (early bird before September 1, 2018)  $795.00 + HST after Sept. 1                        includes:  meals, snacks, shared accommodation

Location:   Sherwood Farm retreat centre                                                                                                       12485 7th Concession road, King City, ONtario (40 mins north of Toronto)

The facilities include an indoor meeting area where the session begins. The work with the horses is then conducted outside in nature. Sessions are held rain or shine.

Not to be overly emotional or anything, but this day was truly wonderful! The activities were well thought out and the size of the group was perfect. I enjoyed myself immensely and feel like I returned with a better understanding of myself. It was very cathartic!

— Mama of three

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