Embark on a mindful journey with horses


Exploring Mindfulness with Horses

is a playful, experiential workshop designed to help people discover a deeper connection with mindfulness practice no matter whether they are new to the practice or an advanced mindfulness practitioner.

Mindfulness practices have been touted as beneficial for many things such as reducing stress, managing anxiety, fostering clarity, deepening personal relationships, contributing significantly to both physical and mental health and improving personal performance in both work and sports.

Why horses?

Even though humans speak thousands of words every day, many of us fail to realize how much we communicate with non-verbal cues. Unlike us, horses are prey animals, so they rely on their feelings, body language and intuition to survive. This makes it possible for them to pick up on our slightest gestures, physiological responses (muscle tension and heart rate), conscious and subconscious energy states.

Since horses are so attuned to our energetic messages, they can provide us with transparent, immediate, and non-judgmental feedback on how we’re relating to ourselves, each other and our environment.   And by bringing these hidden truths to the surface, horses can help us become more mindful.

The focus of the workshop is to enhance understanding of mindfulness and increase self-awareness through group discussions and working with and connecting with horses.

All the work with the horses will be “on the ground”, which means that there will be no riding.

“Mindfulness is a way of befriending ourselves and our experience.”
— Jon Kabat-Zinn



In King City, perched on top of the Oak Ridges Moraine and next door to Happy Valley, designated as one of Canada’s top 10 forests to visit by the Nature Conservancy of Canada, you will enjoy expansive views and be surrounded by natural  beauty.


Workshop DETAILS

October 28, 29 2017 from 9.30 am to 4.30 pm

Includes room at the Kingbridge Conference Centre and lunch both days and breakfast on Sunday


Workshop facilitators:


jonathan varkul

Jonathan’s executive coaching practice has grown out of his desire to step out of his comfort zone and explore his love and talent for bringing clarity into people’s lives. He focuses on cultivating mindfulness for performance improvement. His kind, firm and gentle approach helps cut to the heart of “what's really going on”, supporting leaders in addressing some of their most pressing challenges. 






Jennifer is a Life Coach, Registered Counsellor and an Equine Experiential Learning Facilitator. She has been coaching people and facilitating personal discovery workshops for over 10 years with and without horses.  Jennifer helps people from all walks of life make peace with their entire imperfect and messy life.  Her mission is simple:  To help you start living a more connected life. 





You will be staying at the beautiful Kingbridge Hotel and Conference Centre, just 15 minutes away from your workshop.  Enjoy the luxurious grounds, fine dining, indoor and outdoor pools, and exercise facilities.



via email:  jennifer@jenniferschramm.com

via phone: 416-277-4950

Only 6 spots per session available.



Includes lunches both days and complimentary breakfast. Double occupancy rates and two night stay rates available



The farm is easy to find, but because it is in the country, your GPS and google maps may not give you accurate directions.

From Highway 400 and King Road, go west past Weston Road to the 7th Concession.

Turn right (north) on the 7th Concession.

At the 16th Sideroad, the road jogs to the right, and there is a “Road Ends in 800 Meters” sign.  Keep following that road.  You will follow a big curve going up a hill into the woods.  Once you are at the top of the hill and out of the woods, look for the long driveway on your left.  There is a green tag with 14740 at the end of the driveway.