The Sound Of Silence - A One-Day Silent Nature Retreat

Take a break from the noise and everyday demands and join me and the horses for a 1-day restorative silent retreat. Surrounded by the sounds of nature, you’ll have the opportunity to:

  • Open your senses and connect with your non-verbal self
  • Take a walking meditation through the picturesque grounds
  • Practice Wu Wei with the horses (the art of non-action in Taoism)
  • Enjoy a nourishing lunch
  • and more…

Experience what it’s like to not use your voice for the day. What can you hear when the external noise is quieted? What has your heart been trying to tell you? Let’s find out…

silent retreat.jpeg
In Solitude there is healing,
Speak to your soul, Listen to Your Heart
Sometimes in the absence of noise we find answers.
— Dodinsky


THE SCHEDULE: SATURDAY, october 22, 2016

TIME:  9:30AM – 4PM


Through the silent retreat I was able to shut out the noises and distractions we experience on a day to day basis. Being quiet with the horses and nature, heightened all my senses, and brought peace into my being and nourished my soul!
— Joy Leopold



  • Snacks and vegetarian lunch will be provided.
  • No horse experience is necessary.

The facilities include an indoor meeting area where we meet throughout the day.  The rest of the day will be outside in nature. This workshop is held rain or shine.

If you are interested in putting together a private group for a Silent Retreat, please contact me directly at